Memory Loss / Brain Fog

Memory loss and brain fog are not usually treated by a Chiropractor. Dr. Lewis learned how to assist the body to release trapped anesthesia in the brain in one of her Frequency Specific Microcurrent – FSM seminars. It was just one page in a 2 inch thick binder. Since anesthesia induced memory loss doesn’t walk in the door everyday, little did Dr. Lewis know how many people she would be able to help with that knowledge.

The first person she helped was an RN who had three surgeries in the previous year. She knew that her cognitive troubles were directly caused by the general anesthesia she received. She called it anesthesia poisoning. She complained of brain fog, had lost interest in her favorite hobby and worst of all had lost her sense of humor. Dr. Lewis treated her with the FSM anesthesia in the brain protocol and watched this nurse’s smile return along with regaining her cognitive abilities.

Several years later a lady approached Dr. Lewis and asked her to help her mom. Over the past year her mom’s short term memory was getting worse. They would have a conversation on the phone, hang up and her mom would call and have the same conversation again – apparently not remembering they had just had it. She was very concerned because she had a 7 year old daughter and she couldn’t care for both her and her 70 year old mom.

Lucky for her – her mom’s memory had been declining after a knee replacement surgery a year before. Within a month of treatment with Dr. Lewis, her mom’s memory returned. Both were thrilled. The turning point for Dr. Lewis was when this lady gave a heartfelt testimonial in front of over 50 people thanking Dr. Lewis for giving her her mom back.

Dr. Lewis started researching the affects of anesthesia on memory and was surprised to find there had been actual research studies done documenting that anesthesia does cause the type of injury to the brain associated with dementia and memory loss. Duke University did several studies around the harmful cognitive effects of heart bypass surgery on the brain. There are many other research studies that document how other drugs and chemicals harm the brain and contribute to cognitive decline and dysfunction, memory loss, dementia as well as other neurodegenerative symptoms.

There is a huge cost to society. Not only does the individual lose quality of life – their family does as well. Dr. Lewis can often help these people to naturally detoxify and regain quality of life.

The following pages will explain in more detail about

  1. Body Detective analysis to determine if a person has anesthesia, antibiotics, chemotherapy, prescription drugs or any other toxic chemical affecting their brain, liver or kidneys
  2. Perform an EEG brainwave analysis to see how the brain is affected
  3. Use the ISET protocol determine the treatment strategy
  4. Treat with ISET and Frequency Specific therapy in tandem to strategically stimulate the body to naturally detoxify the chemical

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