Memory loss can happen after surgery – What then?

by Dr. Julia Lewis on September 6, 2011

Do you or someone you know have trouble thinking clearly or memory loss after a surgery?  The confusion is lingering months possibly years later and isn’t getting better on its own?

Did you know that this happens so often that there is an actual diagnosis for it?  It is POCD – Post Operative Cognitive Decline, and there is no drug to help it.

Some of the side- effects of the general anesthesia given during a surgery are memory loss, brain fog and trouble concentrating that does not go away after a couple of weeks.  This type of cognitive decline is supposed to fade with time, but it does not for everyone.

POCD can be more than just frustrating – it can be devastating.  Before surgery it was easy to remember conversations, details and how to do the tasks required at work.  After surgery friends and family get concerned.  The memory loss sufferer realizes something is wrong and fears they are headed for Alzheimer’s.

Research studies have found that general anesthesia can cause the same type of brain damage associated with Alzheimer’s.  The general anesthesia forms tangles in the brain – which have been shown to cause memory loss and cognitive decline.

The good news is that most people are able to naturally process out the chemicals in the anesthesia.  Otherwise everyone would have bad side effects.  There is hope for the people with these surgery induced side-effects.

There is a way to stimulate the body to recognize the trapped anesthesia chemicals and assist the body to naturally process them out.  Dr. Julia Lewis is a Chiropractor in San Jose, CA who has discovered how to analyze and treat most individuals suffering with Post Operative Cognitive Decline.

A young mother, Lynn had a seven year old daughter.  Lynn’s mom had been experiencing cognitive decline for the past year and it was getting worse.  Lynn was stressed out and getting quite concerned that she couldn’t care for both her child and her mom. Her greatest fear was that she would lose her mom to Alzheimer’s.

Lynn encouraged her mom to try Dr. Lewis’ analysis and treatment since the memory decline began after a hip replacement surgery a year before.  The treatment was a big success.  Lynn’s mom’s memory became sharp again – she started winning at bridge now that she could remember the cards.  The best present was that Lynn got both her wonderful mom and her life back too.

Dr. Lewis’ treatment methods support the body’s natural detoxification processes.  As the body gets back on track and starts doing its natural job – it becomes easier for the brain to problem solve and remember how to do the tasks that were so easy before the surgery.

Post Operative Cognitive Decline dramatically impacts the quality of life for the sufferer, their family and friends. Regaining cognitive function and returning the joy of being able to function normally again is like have a second chance at life.

Dr. Lewis offers a free toxicity evaluation in her office.  Watch the demo of a toxicity evaluation. Dr. Lewis also offers a complimentary 30 minute phone consult to discuss your concerns and she can be reached at 408-526-9423.

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