Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM)

FSM has revolutionized what is possible in pain/injury treatment:

Sprains / Strains Kidney Stone Pain Tendonitis
Nerve Pain Shingles Pain Bruises
Nerve Traction Injuries Fibromyalgia Pain Broken Bones
Disc Bulges Shin Splints Myofascial Pain

FSM uses specific frequencies that create a resonant effect that helps injured or damaged tissue to return back to a healthier vibration. Every tissue in the body has a healthy frequency associated with it. FSM also stimulates the body’s natural detoxification processes to help reverse the effects of drug or chemically induced cognitive decline, brain fog, or cognitive impairments like difficulty with spatial ability to judge distances or do computations that were previously easy to do.

This 93 year old man fell and got a nasty black eye. Notice how red the white of his eye was and how pale his face looked in the first picture. He received 3 FSM injury protocol treatments for about an hour each day. The pictures were taken before treatment. The first picture was taken 3 days after his fall.

March 10, 2006 March 13, 2006 March 17, 2006

Athletes in professional sports are also using FSM. The results are impressive and consistent. Chronic injuries can clear up in record time. FSM can soften adhesions in one sixty-minute session that would take months to do manually. It is gentle and does not require painful deep pressure techniques.

There are several other ways to apply FSM.

Dr. Julia Lewis has trained extensively with the developer of FSM – Dr. Carol McMakin, D.C. (1)

In this video below you can learn how Terrell Owens was able to rapidly heal and rehab an ankle fracture in just 6 weeks when it should have taken 18 weeks. You will also learn how FSM helps fibromyalgia, nerve and muscle pain, heal gangrenous wounds, reduce inflammation in IBS and Crohn’s, soften scar tissue and help brain recover from shock of concussions.

FSM is FDA approved as a TENS device for pain. TENS devices can only make claims about general relief of pain. This doesn’t change what we can do with the FSM; it changes what we can say about what we can do. All references to clinical effects other than simple pain control refer to the frequency resonance effects not the effects of microcurrent alone.

Don’t confuse the traditional TENS and interferential devices that deliver current in the milliamp range causing muscle contraction, pulsing, and tingling sensations. Most people do not feel the microcurrent during treatment, but many do feel their symptoms improve during the session. The healing results will have lasting benefit because the FSM helps to reestablish the normal healthy frequencies to injured tissues.

  1. Apply FSM to the area of concern
  2. Dial in the specific frequencies needed for that area
  3. Allow time for the frequencies to do their job
  4. Some injuries benefit by adding movement during the treatment while others benefit at rest

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