Dr. Julia Lewis and Natural Detoxification

Our bodies process what we eat and drink by taking in the nutrition and letting go of the waste products and toxins.  This cycle is automatic.  We can enhance it by drinking more water or ingesting “detox products” but, ultimately, the body does the actual process unaided.

This natural inborn detoxifying process is called biotransformation.” This is how the body transforms a toxic chemical into a more neutral state so it can easily be released via the kidneys or bowel.

Natural DetoxA person’s ability to “biotransform” a toxic substance determines how quickly they bounce back from a toxic exposure.  That explains why some people suffer memory loss, brain fog and trouble thinking for years while others only suffer for days after having general anesthesia, antibiotics or other chemical exposures.

Proper biotransformation requires excellent communication in the brain/body detox pathways. Dr. Lewis analyzes these biotransformation pathways to determine which brain centers are functioning properly and which need to be adjusted to improve communication and increase the body’s natural ability to detoxify itself.

When there is a specific chemical trapped in these pathways Dr. Lewis often utilizes frequency specific microcurrent (FSM) therapy to assist in the natural detox process.

  1. Body Detective analysis to determine if toxins are trapped in the brain or other ares of the body
  2. Identify Zones affected in above areas
  3. Treat with ISET protocol
  4. Follow with FSM therapy when appropriate

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